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The 德克萨斯南方大学 测试中心 (UTC) is committed to providing quality test services to its clientele. Please click on the link next to the test you would like to take to find out about testing details.



The University 测试中心 (UTC) provides institutional and national examinations to students and non-students in an environment that enables examinees to perform to the best of their abilities. Our testing environment embodies test administration practices which (1) adhere to nationally recognized professional testing standards and government regulations, (2) maintain the integrity of the testing performance by incorporating ethical standards and security measures, and (3) treat all examinees in a professional, 风度翩翩. The 德克萨斯南方大学 测试中心 adheres to the Standards and Guidelines of the National College Testing Association.


The University 测试中心 (UTC) is located in the 大学学习中心, formerly known as the Urban Academic Village (UAV) Center, 位于玫瑰镇的拐角处 & 〇坎菲尔德街  3563 Rosewood Street - Houston, TX - 77004 


Students may park across the street in the gated parking lot. 


在你预定的考试当天, you are required to bring an unexpired driver’s license or state ID as primary identification; it must include your name, 出生日期, signature, 并包含一张可识别的照片. Personal items are NOT permitted in the testing center this includes, 但并不局限于:食物, beverages, gum, candy, 手机和其他电子设备. Our lockers are available on a limited basis. 草稿纸,计算器,和No. 2 pencils will be provided if required for testing.

***Towing will be enforced if parked in the Student or Church Parking Lots***


  • Primary Identification: Current government-issued Driver’s License or State ID, 其中必须包括你的名字, date-of-birth and signature with a recognizable photograph.
  • Personal Items are NOT permitted in the testing environment: This may include but is not limited to the following: food, beverages, gum, candy, 移动和/或其他电子设备.
  • Items Provided by Testing administration:草稿纸,计算器和号码. 2支铅笔,如果考试需要的话. Lockers are available while in the testing environment. 

If you have any questions please contact us at  testing@shanzhai168.net.  
Allow for a 24hrs response time (excluding holidays and weekends); and 48hrs during peak registration.

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3563 Rosewood Street | Houston, TX 77004 | 713-313-6838 | testing@shanzhai168.net 



周一至周五:上午8点.m - 5 p.m.

Dr. 艾琳Gilliam 

Assistant Vice President Retention and Matriculation  Success 

testing@shanzhai168.net or erin.gilliam@shanzhai168.net